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Do you intend to share your home inspection report with professionals such as your attorney, contractors, or real estate agent? If so, then you want a report that delivers on providing the essentials that these professionals want to see quickly. No two homes or client concerns are alike and therefore, our PDF inspection reports are customizable and contain:

Pre-Inspection Agreements

If time permits, reviewing a sample home inspection report is always a good measure. As it will give you a general understanding of how in-depth and structured the report is. The most commonly reported issues with reports, in general, are that they are either, too technical and difficult to understand. The written report conflicts with much of what the inspector said on-site. That the report lacked depth and direction, minimal pictures, no useful illustrations, items being called out with no clarity of severity. Many clients expect to see ballpark estimates right in the report, even though this is outside the scope of a home inspection.

Home Inspection Agreement (form)

Mold Agreement (form)


RWS 90 day warranty (click link below)


RWS Home inspection 90 day warranty services

*Please note that the above agreements are samples, your actual agreements will be emailed for you to E-sign.

Sample home inspection report 

Sample-report #1

Water Tank with TPR valve present but. no discharge pipe

Furnace with open joint will cause air leaks and mold growth













Standards of Practice

For your reference, provided below are the detailed formalities we as home inspectors and mold assessors must adhere by. Home Inspection Standards of Practice documentation (InterNachi-SOP); (NYDOS-SOP). Mold Inspection Standards of Practice documentation (IAC2-SOP).


N.Y.S. Home Inspector #16000079141


InterNACHI Certified #NACHI17030725


I.A.C.2 Mold Certified #IAC2-05-9029

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